Who are we?

Centre Haitien d’Action Humanitaire- CEHAH was created to bridge this gap by engaging in initiatives that emphasize capacity building, resulting in a positive, long-lasting impact for a better Haiti.

CEHAH is a 501c3 tax-exempt, not-for-profit organization registered in the United States, Haiti, and Canada. We work at the intersection of agriculture, education, and healthcare. To realize our mission and vision, we believe it requires all Haitians and friends of Haiti, this is why we say Let’s Work Together for a Better Haiti!

Increase livelihood improvements and self-sufficiency!


CEHAH promotes social and economic improvement through activities that promote local agriculture, basic and vocational education and better access to health care for low-income populations.


A Haiti that develops and guarantees the rights of all its citizens. A Haiti capable of feeding its hungry, caring for its sick and offering access to basic and vocational education.


Rigorous management of donations. Engage in sustainable initiatives with highest impact to locals. Work in ways that respect and compliment existing government initiative for a more developed Haiti.

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By working together, we can take CEHAH great heights. Welcome aboard

Kettly Excellent

Founder & Board Chair

Irma Wilson

Vice – Chair

Guilaine Brutus


Myrtho Samedi

Myrtho Samedi


Robert Eugene


Umberto Jean-Louis

Public Relation Secretary

Stanley Mentor

Education/Formation Secretary

Raymond Figaro EXCELLENT


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Anel Dorelien

Shiva Peter

Digital Marketing Intern

Claudia Pierre

Sharvel Aurelien