Psychiatric care

Thanks to your contribution to CEHAH’s Emergency Relief Fund, we were able to travel to Haiti to provide psychiatric care to children in the commune of Cavaillon. In this occasion,, parents received emergency kits, toiletries, food and other basic accessories.

With your support, we have been able to focus on our mission and make a difference.
The Cavaillon region has a special place in our hearts, because humanitarian aids do not land 8n 5his area.
In 2016 we were the first to visit the community of Kamak after Hurricane Matthew. We went back several times since. Strengthen the capacities of the community on the theme “planting lakay- Manje lakay” (Plant Local, Eat local). The most important thing for survivors right now is to come back and rebuild their homes. We promised them that they are not alone.
While Haiti is struggling to recover from the devastating earthquake of 2010. A new major earthquake of magnitude 7.2 came to ravage the southern part of the Haitian territory, followed by tropical storm Grace
The death toll is approaching 2,000 as 600,000 people need humanitarian assistance and 135,000 families are displaced, many hospitals are overwhelmed. The work is not finished, we are in great need of your continued support. Let’s work together for a Haiti


Offer environmentally friendly programs and training to increase, promote and improve local agriculture. Distribution of seeds to farmers, with the program plante lakay, mange lakay (plant local, eat local) we intend to reduce the price of items such as lemon, mango, coconut etc …


We train local teachers and those working with children on keeping children safe in education. We ensure local schools are able to provide hot meals for students and with the help of our partners, ensure children have access to free books and supplies.


Through local and international collaboration we deliver training and workshops for health workers, supply equipment and materials for local clinics and bring medical staff to isolated and socially excluded areas in rural Haiti.